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.stardust and nebulae.




i'm tired and sad a lot and i'm also an extreme introvert so i'm not very active here sorry

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i listen to a variety of things oops

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so i was thinking of doing a comic, right? this comic would frequently switch between 'present day' and flashbacks (if that makes sense). yay or nay? 

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Let's Talk About BPD

Sat Feb 28, 2015, 6:55 PM
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Hey, so if some of you didn't know already, I suffer from something called borderline personality disorder. Why am I bringing this up? Simple. My disorder is extremely important to me and my goal here is to educate and erase some stigma attached to it.

First of all, the name - why is it called borderline personality disorder? Well, when it was named, it was originally thought that we walked the line between neurosis and psychosis. It also goes by the name Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (Borderline type). As far as I know, they're working on a new name. No dice.

The general diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder goes as follows:

  1. Frantic or seemingly excessive efforts to avoid abandonment.
  2. A tendency to get involved in intense and unstable relationships, moving between the extremes of thinking that the other person is perfect and awful,  and which may often lead to emotional crises (this term is called splitting).
  3. Unstable and uncertain sense of self or self image (for example, aims, sexual preference, identity)
  4. A tendency to act unexpectedly or on impulse, without thinking through consequences and in ways that may cause you damage (for example, binge eating, spending, substance abuse, sex, reckless driving)
  5. Repeated threats or acts of self harm or suicidal behavior.
  6. Chronic feelings of emptiness
  7. Outbursts of intense anger, difficulty controlling anger, or tendency to conflict with others ( for example, often getting into physical fights, feeling constant anger,  or often displaying of temper or being quarrelsome)
  8. Finding it difficult to maintain a course of action which offers no immediate reward (i.e. finding it hard to stick with things that do not have a short term gain)
  9. During times of stress, having periods of paranoia or a sense of not being real or present in your body (dissociation).

...Yeah. Fun stuff. BPD shares characteristics with bipolar disorder, and we often get misdiagnosed as bipolar as a result. Our mood swings tend to be too rapid for bipolar disorder, however.
Out of all personality disorders diagnosed, BPD makes up about half. That's a LOT of borderlines. And out of all those borderlines, about half experience depression co-morbid. Something super interesting, I think, is that headaches/migraines are more prevalent in BPD. I have chronic migraines myself!

As for my own experiences, I personally feed off of attention. In a literal sense, it's something I need almost as much as I need food or oxygen. When I don't get attention I fall into bad episodes of depression. I'm so afraid that people will leave me that I develop paranoid delusions and made-up stories about them to justify my fears, and even an unanswered text can send me spiraling into a pit of anxiety. My sense of self is so broken that I'm not sure who or what I am anymore, and I don't know if I ever will. Don't get me started on the ten thousand mood swings I get per day.

HOWEVER! There are lots of positive qualities to being borderline! We are very loyal people, and we feel emotions in extremes so when we love someone, we love them VERY deeply and VERY passionately. Lots of us also tend to be creative and individualistic!
People who don't understand the disorder tend to paint us as heartless, manipulative, attention-seeking monsters, though. Because of this stigma, some borderlines have began to call themselves "quiet" borderlines. This is so, so harmful, because by doing this they are saying "Hey look, I'm not one of THOSE borderlines, I'm good and not crazy!"
While it's true that we can be manipulative, it is not done on purpose! I feel guilt-ridden even over the thought of accidentally manipulating someone, which is why I encourage my friends to call me out if I do something cruddy (and I suggest other borderlines do this, too).

That being said, I know that (like with every other disorder or illness out there) there are people who unfortunately use their BPD as a crutch for cruddy behavior. I beg of you to please not form a general opinion of borderlines based on experiences with these types of people. It just adds to the stigma.

(by the way, I got some of my info from this site -… boop boop)


.ayyy check it out.





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